Year 4 - Hackney Museum: Travels with my Suitcase

Year 4 visited Hackney Museum where we had a workshop called 'Travels with my suitcase'.

The children discovered how the local area has changed through the stories and suitcases of people who have travelled to Hackney from all over the world and throughout history. Year 4 children became history detectives, searching through suitcases to find clues about their owners. Through object handling, role play and using photographs, toys, clothes, passports, diaries and letters they discovered who owned the suitcase, where in the world they moved from, and what Hackney was like when they moved here. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about the many contributions that people of all races and religions gave to Hackney to make it the place it is today.


Maxi-4C - I had lots of fun but MS ANEESAAAAA!

Ariella-4C - The best day ever i can just keep staring at them and never get bored the memories with Ms Aneesa was amazing!

Binyamin 4C - I had lots of fun wearing the costumes Looooooool!!

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