Year 4 - Find Your Brave

In Year 4 we have been discussing people and superheroes who have gone over and beyond to help mankind, especially for no other reasons but finding their own inner qualities. We discussed what it means to 'Find Your Brave' and how this can help us to never give up and achieve our goals. The pupils then created a front cover for their own hero and stated why and how they have found their own brave.


Moussa-4DM - I love being brave

Roux 4M - Imagining what our superheroes were and why they were brave was so fun but the best part was drawing them, it was so fun

Daubeney mum - You’re all superheroes!!!! ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️

Umitcan 4m - In this lesson I loved drawing my superhero and my superhero found its brave

Armahn-4M - I enjoyed this lesson so much :)

Neslihan - This lesson was so fun

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