Year 4 - 4M Selfie Workshop

The children in Year 4M had an amazing Selfie Photo Workshop today (27th September 2019). The children took some awesome photographs using professional equipment.


Amina 4DM - I loved taking photos and taking photos of my school friends.

Beatrix 4K - I loved the photo shoot it was so fun : )

Gaia - And I'm apparently called Greg???

sienna 5b - This looks really fun hope you had a good time

Joey - Great photos everyone!!!


Laniya 4DM - It was kinda fun taking pictures with hats and taking pictures of our friends loved it

Gloria 6M - Well done 4M! Hey Lexi, from now on I'm going to call you Fred. But still, having a wonderful time is great, right

Roux 4M - This activity was so cool and fun!!! It was great trying on hats and getting our own selfies, taking pictures and looking at all of the classes photos!!!

Lexi - He called me Fred :)

Ms Fathema - This looks really fun, hope you enjoyed taking great selfies 4M!

Lyla 4K - I loved the selfie work shop the adult named most of the girl funny names I was laurence

Ava - I had a fun time taking pictures, it was very exciting!

Neslihan - This was really fun I had such a wonderful time

Zakariya - I love this so much

Daubeney mum - Awww this looks like so much fun!!! Well done

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