Year 4M - ICT and Geography

Today, 20-5-2021, the children in 4M used their ICT skills to research information about Mt Fuji and create a non-chronological report. The children were able to use their literacy knowledge and ICT skills to create a factual report about Japans famous mountain. The children enjoyed using their cross curricular skills to complete the activity.


Pip 4M - Loved learning all about Mount Fuji on all the computers it was really fun discovering new facts for our report.

Mr Matvad - Well done to 4m, researching their own information to use to create a non-chronological report while applying their ICT and Geography skills.

Dylan 4M - I loved researching on the computers, it was brilliant.

Jayden J 4M - The lesson was so fun and I am happy that I know more about MT Fuji

jiang 4M - It was very fun to do in a lesson.

inaayah 4M - This lesson was very fun, it gave us many information about mt Fuji, did you know Fuji means fire and that mt Fuji has an owner Fujisan Hongū Sengen Taisha?

Reagan 4m - I loved doing the research and learning all the knew facts about Mt Fuji

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