Year 4 - PE: Dancing

Year 4 have been lucky enough to have a dance instructor come in to teach them during PE. They have learnt a range of moves and are building their confidence up to perform in front of others. Have a look at some of their moves!


Ava-4C - That was really fun?

Ariella-4C - I loved Freaky Friday and Man's Not Hot instrumental I loved the slow motion PART is freaky Friday I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

Abbie 4c - This was really super fun -my favourite part was when we got to do our own poses and freestyle

Dominik 4z - Nice moves

Jayleanne 4c - I loved it

Dominik 4z - I love dancing. Good moves.

Gaia 3p - Good moves???

Rhyleigh 5mc - Good dancing ?

kawthar-4c - I cant see my face but I loved it

Jing 5M - It looks FUN

Ayaat-6m - The dance looks so amazing??

Tariq 5m - This looked like it was fun

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