Year 4 - Concrete Maths

Today (12th September 2019) the children in Year 4 used concrete resources to represent numbers in a place value chart. The children used 5 digit numbers and extended their learning by going up to millions.


Gloria 6M - Concrete maths, what is that? Never tried that before.

Sarah - I learnt so much from concrete maths it was also really nice to learn a new way but a little confusing for me ?

neslihan - This was super fun concrete learning it was fun

Miss Fathema (Ex City Year) - Great start to year 4, keep up the hard work! ?

Roux 4M - Concrete maths was fun I never new it was called concrete maths!!! It was fun sorting with counters and making up numbers to work out it was fun.

Ava 4M - I liked the lesson today it was fun learning using concrete resources.

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