Year 4 - Mummification!

Wow, what an interesting afternoon (12-02-2020) in 4M, we have finally unveiled our mummies, which we made during our Ancient Egyptian unit. The children mummified an orange, taking out all its 'organs', then filling it with salt to preserve the skin. We then wrapped it in masking tape and placed them in our classroom. Today we unwrapped them to see how efficiently we mummified the orange.


Reyhan 5f - Well done everyone for working together as a team

Moussa - I really liked doing mummification because it really helps me to learn Ancient Egyptian documentaries. It was so fun learning it.

Dara 3p - Good job guys.

Sahar - 4m I loved the mummification on the orange but I really like salt because it felt snowy

Umitcan 4m - I loved this session and in ourmummy there was salt that felt like snow

Intrigued mama - Wow... well what happened then? Was the orange still edible? Did you manage to preserve it?

Nahriah 4M - I loved how we made are own mummy and we opened it

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