Year 4 - Spelling Test - 3rd April 2020

I hope you are all well and ready for your spelling test. Let me know in the comments how you went! Stay safe.


Sophia 4DM? - Well done Amiyah and well done year 4☺

Mrs Krueziu - Thanks for your feedback Roux’s mum. Yes you are correct the link is not working. You can access the Handwriting and Spellings Booklet in the Year 4 home learning page. It is slightly confusing as the booklet has been scanned as double page. However, you should be able to locate page 43, for this week's spellings( wb 6.4.20). It should start with babies’’. Apologies for the mix up.

Ava 4M - I got nine out of nine??

Roux’s mum - Mrs Krueziu: thé link isn’t working and the booklet only goes up to page 40. I’ve looked in the year 3 spelling book from last year, there is a page 42 in there. Can you confirm if these are the correct spellings?

???? Thanks

Mrs Krueziu - What resilient learners you all are. A great score Roux:) Hi Hiba and Amiya well done for working so hard every week. Keep up the great work Year 4!!

Hiba 4K - I did my spellings, last time I got 8/ 9 but now I got 9/9.The word that I got wrong was crescent.

Mrs Krueziu - Please practise next week's spellings on page 42 in the Spellings and Handwriting Booklet. Here is the link:

Amiyah - 9/9

Roux’s mum - 8/9. Tough this week... we went through the spellings so he knows how to spell all of them now. We did our own spelling test as well :) Roux 4M has been working so hard, I’m very proud of him

Mrs Krueziu - Well done Mr Marshall. Update... drum roll I’ve done 199 push ups. Getting there;) Let us know how you did in this weeks spellings test. Well done to Lyla, Farzana, Otis and Hussain too for being true spelling champions?

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