Year 4 - Working Collaboratively Through Role Play

After a restful holiday, Year 4 are back and rearing to go!

We had a great time stimulating our imagination and working collaboratively through our role playing lessons in Literacy.

'I enjoyed role-playing the mum in the story because I learnt how to use more adjective in my sentences and I liked working in a group' - Lakeyrah

'I enjoyed role-playing the wolf because it was funny when the wood-cutter had to chop me. I learnt how to use more similes and fronted adverbials' - Gloria

'It was fun and I learnt how to use mean language and this helped me to write my story' - Jonas

'Role-playing helped me with my acting and drama skills. I now enjoy role-playing more!' - Angel


Bliss former student - I want to do role play I think I might try!

Ramatu 6S - Wow I wish that I was there

aziza - Good role play