Year 4 - BIG Draw

Year 4 looked at Pablo Picasso's art work and tried to recreate some of his famous pieces using a range of materials to create a 2D/3D graphic relief. We had a lot of fun being hands on and getting messy.


Ariella-4C - It was so fun getting all messy and I had lots of fun working as a team putting our creations together to make a master piece!!!!!!?

Miss Phillips - This is all so good Year 4. Your pieces were very creative and I loved the 3D element. Well done! ?

Ava-4c - I enjoyed that lesson??

Ms Cherid - A BIG thank you goes to the parents that supported with the final product!

Miss Phillips - Year 4's, your art looks amazing! I am so impressed ?

zakariya 4K - I found the big draw a lot of fun. It was very exciting!!!!

Binyamin 4C - I really enjoyed the big draw and when I wore the moustache!!

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