Year 4 Swimming at The Aquatics Centre

For the past two weeks, Year 4 have been attending the famous Aquatics Centre in Stratford. They were learning how to swim with professional swimming instructors. By the end of the two weeks, everyone passed their swimming test!


Angel 4P - Going swimming was a great experience

Ava-3a - Can't wait until I go swimming in year 4

Tariq -4p - - I loved sports day it was so fun and very nice day

Maelle 4P - I really enjoyed swimming and being competitive.

Nasra 4C - I liked swimming because I got to learn to swim. Next time, when I go during the holidays, I can swim with my family.

Jusson 4C - Swimming was really fun and I want to go there again

Muhsin 5m - Last year was fun but the positivity is better than ours

Ramatu-6S - I hope it was fun for you guys because it was fun for me!

Taylor-4p - It was so much FUN I really want to go there again

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