Year 4 - Frinton on Sea

Year 4 had a wonderful day at Frinton on Sea beach. After a long coach ride, children got to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Lots of magical moments at Daubeney!

Anaya said: "Thank you Daubeney for taking us to this beach, I loved paddling in the sea."

Alan said: "This is the best trip ever I will always remember it!"

Iyiola said "This is the best beach I've been to! I loved the beautiful sand and blue sea."


MIRACLE - That 's the best trip in year 4.

Zara - It was really fun and amazing

mia 6s/y7 - We had lots of fun and we got very wet!

alaine - I wish we can go again

halima3a - I might not be in year 4 but I am on 10 of July and I was on the OTHER SIDE OF YOU GUYS

Ramatu 50 - We all had fun at the beach

Jenny - I loved the seaside, except for the part when I was soaking wet!

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