Year 4 - Big Draw

Year 4 created amazing landscape art for Daubeney's BIG Draw.

We looked at David Hockney's style of art and were inspired to create art similar to his. Take a look at some of the brilliant pieces they created.


Ariella-4C - That was the best draw I've done so far in Daubeney!!

Xiomara 5mc - Wow your drawings look amazing

Ayman3P - Wow amazing art

Rhyleigh 5mc - Wow nice drawing

Yasemin 5mc - I really like your drawings! They look great ? keep up the good work!

Dominik 4z - I love drawing

Christopher 3T - I like drawing I bet you do too

Tariq5m - Your big draws look amazing✌??✌??

Leah 4z - I am so mad about this because i did not get to finish it

Elisha - I love it

Binyamin 4C - I really enjoyed the big draw. Even though I wasn't picked for the
big draw i'm still going to try my best and keep going no matter what

Gaia 3p - Cool

sufyan 5F - Nice drawings

hind - WOW that looks amazing it looks better than mine

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