Year 4 - 4S Christmas Song



Mohammed - It's great

francesca (Edie's mum) - Amazing singing and dancing 4S, I loved it so much!

Karen (Nehemiah's mum) 4S - Lovely singing & dancing guy's, ??????

Mr. O' Flynn - So so so good. You are all stars.

Mrs Taylor - What a great performance 4S-your fun personalities shine through! Feeling very festive after listening to you all sing.

Mr Dharma - 4S! I absolutely loved this performance, especially your dance moves! You made me get out of my chair and dance! Well done.

Ishmel 4m - Good song but our one was better

kaleb-5mc - 4 you were wonderful I love how there was the Christmas spirit in u guys! Love u all bai?

Archie - WOW GREAT 4S

Farzana-5F - Nice dancing and great job 4S.

Miss Cheung - I love it 4S! And I LOVE your dance moves too!

jannat 4s - that was fun fun FUN

Sheila - I am Aidan's great aunt and I think 4s's Christmas singing is great !

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