Year 4 - Our First Published Piece of Work

Today (20th September 2019) the children were excited as they completed their first published piece of work. This week, the children were learning all about leaflets and used the key features to create their own travel leaflet for India.


Ayman 4DM - I liked learning about India it was fun! ???

Muhammad - The India leaflet was fun and I really liked publishing it. It felt like I was publishing my own book. I also enjoyed knowing facts about India and Asia.

Laniya 4DM - Learning about India was really fun. We got to learn about all the things in India, like the trains to get on a train you have to hop on

lexi 4K - I loved publishing the India leaflet. My favourite part was where we wrote about the festivals! My favourite festival is Holi and Holi is the festival of colour and it might turn into rainbow day!!

Sarah - I learned lots of facts about India

Zakariya Matvad - 5B - Well done year 4, it looks like you had so much fun learning!

Mr Matvad - I am very impressed with the travel leaflets - it was amazing year 4.

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