Year 4 - Graphic Novels

Today (4th February 2020) the children enjoyed reading a selection of comics and discussed what they liked about comics. They also discussed what makes a comic interesting and identified the features of a comic. As part of our genre, this week children will be looking at comics and next week will be creating their own comic books.


Audrey - I loved doing graphic novels for some lessons all we had to do was read comics!

Roux 4M - Reading these comics was really fun

Roux 4M - These comics were awesome because I want to learn how to write a proper comic strip so I can make actual ones, because everybody knows I have a pretty good sense of humour. Also my family quite like graphic novels such as comics, and whilst I'm learning about them when finished also I could start making some for them :)

Ratatat6blah - Cool comics. I would love to read one of them?

Armahn-4M - This was really fun. I enjoyed reading the comics????

Umitcan4m - This is a huge part of learning because comics have humour so comics humour can be used into your learning or writing. It's great!! ???????

Umitcan4m - I loved reading these comics and it was so fun me and my friends read it like a rap or song

Daubeney mum - Awesome! Comics were a massive part of my childhood! They are often full of humour plus usually have an important moral/message. Graphic novels, like comics, take so much time and effort to compile! Good luck making your own next week, I’m sure you’re going to rock it!! ?

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