Year 4 - Mummification

Today (16-01-2020) the children in Year 4 studied the process of mummification as it was done during the Ancient Egyptian period. The children then had a chance to apply the same process by mummifying an orange in order to see how long they could preserve the skin of the fruit.


oscar 5f - It was really fun doing it last year and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well

Joey 4M - It was the first time I mummified an orange ?.
It was fun!!???

Georgia 5F - I remember doing that it was awesome

Mrs Thomas - Wow, year 4 , that looks so much fun and you were learning about mummification at the same time.

Rayyan {from kingsmead} - well done

Audrey 4M - I loved making our own mummies it was so fun

Iqra - I love it

Neslihan 4M - I actually mummified an orange - It was fun and we learnt at the same time

Zara 4M - I enjoyed mummifying the oranges and learning all about the mummification process.

Roux4M - It was fun mummifying oranges ? tomorrow I want to mummify a pear ? LOL ?

praise 4K - I enjoyed the mummification because it was my first time doing it in year 4

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