Year 4 - WOW Day

Today (10th September 2019) the children in Year 4 enjoyed their WOW DAY learning all about the continent of Asia. The children explored many geographical landmarks, foods from the east, facts and information, rivers and studied the various cultures from around Asia.


Orson - 4k - I really enjoyed learning about origami from Japan and the Great Wall of China on WOW day.

Moussa - It was really fun learning WOW day, also for the Taj Mahal I learnt that the Taj Mahal is one of the famous temples in India and the whole continent of Asia. And I learnt that The Great Wall of China was built by the Prince but I don`t know the name yet.

Lyla 4K - I really loved learning all the countries in Asia on my iPad I even put Asia as my wallpaper

Daubeney mum - Wow year 4! Fab pics! Asia is a fascinating continent, so varied and diverse. You are all going to enjoy learning all about it! I loved hearing about the Silk Road and seeing the origami, keep up the good work :)

Armahn 4M - I learnt a lot about Asia like the Silk route

Sarah - I enjoyed every single moment of Asia ?get creative with art

Roux 4M - Wow day was amazing I loved learning about the continent Asia!!! I’ve never learnt about the continent Asia before so this was something new for me and it was fun.

neslihan - I learnt a lot about Asia

Leila - Mr. Matvad taught us about the Taj Mahal it was pretty

Ava 4m - I enjoyed learning about the continent Asia. I learnt a lot.✅

Pierre - I learnt it takes 18 months to walk The Great Wall of China.

Riya - I really enjoyed doing the origami shapes.

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