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Year 4 - Elanna's 'Beesafe' at Home Presentation

Elanna created an online safety presentation ‘Beesafe’ at home. Her PowerPoint was presented to the KS2 children in assembly.

Well done Elanna!



Aleyna - Well done Elanna good work?????????

Carnita - Fantastic work. Great skill!

Waris - Amazing Elanna

Ava-4c - Well done Elanna

Luis-4Z - The assembly was very interesting and I can't even work a powerpoint like that keep up the good work

Elanna - Thank you for all the lovely comments

Gina Farrell - Elanna you should be very proud of yourself. Your abilities to create a PowerPoint presentation with such interesting facts and details are amazing!
We are all very proud.

Elanna 4Z - Thank you for all the lovely comments I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed it ❤️❤️❤️

Ms Cherid and 4C - 4C found this presentation very insightful! We particularly enjoyed the toothbrush example - very funny!

Alfie - Well done that assembly was absolutely great the questions where also amazing?

leah 4z - i thought that Elanna's assembly was very good it was like an adult's assembly

Mr Shamji - What a great presentation! I love that the presentation is written as a quiz to make it far more interactive and interesting. Well done Elanna, keep up the brilliant work!

Lekeisha 6M - The assembly was really interesting to watch and I have learned a lot

Dominik 4z - I like your bee safe online presentation. I watched it with my mum and my sister.

Miss Lucey - Excellent presentation Elanna! The assembly was fantastic. Thank you for sharing and helping us all to keep safe online :)

Mr Matvad - The presentation was professionally made I am very proud of our young star.

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