Year 4 - RE Day: Christianity

As part of RE day, Year 4 explored how Christians show their beliefs. The children made posters inspired by the Good Samaritan parable. We also looked at important figures such as Mother Teresa. Finally we created glass stained windows with symbols that we thought represented Christianity.


Binyamin 4C - It was very fun and it was very peaceful.
I could see mine because I covered the paper.

Larissa 4C - Its really fun learning about different religions. I enjoyed making stained glass windows.

Rodell 4C - It was really fun drawing on our glass. Mine represented nature.

Ada 4C - I drew a sun shining on an icy mountain on my glass window. It represents nature.

Esther - I enjoyed writing a story based on one of the ten commandments 'thou shall not lie'

Emmanuel - What I admired was the stained glass pictures because I did not know they represented something!

Kamden - I enjoyed creating my stained glass window. I drew a dove which is a symbol for peace.

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