Year 4 - Maths: No Pen Wednesday

During our No Pens Day, Year 4 children took an alternative approach to learning their times tables - a relay where they competed between them to test their times table knowledge. Additionally, we worked systematically and deepened our reasoning skills using dominoes. Take a look at our maths learning!


Amina 4DM - I loved no pen because we did not need to write anything, it was so fun.?

rodell 5mc - Nice year 4!

Hussein- 4DM - I really liked No Pen Day because we didn't have to have to do any work!!!

Ayman - I really liked No Pen Day because you don't have to write!

Faaris - I loved No Pens Day because 4K is the best at times tables and we won! I liked playing Hit the button.

Lexi - I loved No Pen Wednesday because we got to watch people doing a times table relay and I liked practising my times tables on TTRockstars on the iPad.

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