Year 4 Trip to the Ministry of Stories

Year 4 participated in a story making workshop at the Ministry of Stories, designed to inspire a love of writing. Each pupil had the opportunity to draft and write, creating characters, setting and plot. They then evaluated and edited, assessing the effectiveness of their writing. At the end of the workshop, each student left as a published author with a sense of pride, achievement and joy.

Take a look at their journey!


Ariella-4C - I loved when we added all our ideas and made an amazing story BUT - I really wanted to see the boss ;(

Jahkyla 4k - I liked the fact that the chief is mysterious because nobody knows what he looks like. No one knows if he is a monster because they said the place is originally open to monsters or you don't know if he's a human or half human half monster

George 4C - I liked that I saw pickled eyeballs and concealed earwax in the monster shop.

Rodell 4C - I wanted to meet the chief. Some children were scared. I touched one of the slugs in the Monster shop it felt weird.

Josh 4C - I liked when we spoke to chief behind a closed door and when we got to make our own books. We are now published authors.

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