Year 4 Spelling Test - 1st May 2020

Hi Year 4,

Here is this week's spelling test! Please let us know how you went and keep practicing for next week. Stay safe!


Sofiat 4M - I got grown wrong

Sophia 4DM? - Thank you Mr Marshall and stay safe☺?

Lexi 4K - Thanks mr. Marshall I have 10/10 and I think they are called synonyms because they mean 2 words which sound the same but don’t mean the same!

Mr Marshall - Well done Nicholas, Amiyah, Danny, Sophia, Roux and all of Year 4! Excellent spelling and great to hear you are learning so productively at home! Keep up the great work.

Roux 4M - 10/10!!!

Sophia 4DM? - Well done Amiyah and well done year 4

Danny - I’ve been doing all the spelling tests and got nearly all of them right on this one I got ten out of ten!!!

Amiyah - 10/10

Nicholas 4DM - Thanks Mr Marshall for the spelling test i got 10/10

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