Year 4 - Eco-Active Workshop

As part of an Eco-Active workshop, Year 4 went on a trip around the local area to 'map their neighbourhood' and survey litter. 

The children were very excited to pick up litter and learn more about recycling.


Rodell 4c - That was super fun but we still had to clean our enivorment so its clean and safe

Dominik 4z - I loved when we went there

leah 4z - I liked this trip because it was a very fresh place and was a fun activity and a sad one because there was lots of rubbish that completely made me sad for all the animals and my favorite animal lives there it's a squirrel that was trapped

Ariella 4C - It was really fun but the only thing was there was so much rubbish that was bad for our environmen!

Maelle 5m - That looks really fun and interesting learning about the planet and its health???

Kawthar 4c - I loved picking up the rubbish and helping save the environment from plastic and any harmful object

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