Year 4 - Literacy: Instructional Poster to Make a Smoothie

Today 8-12-2020 the children in Year 4 created their own instructional poster to make a smoothie.


Victoria 4DM - Wow I look so bootiful :) And I like the way everyone is getting ready for the picture and yeah.

Bersu4m - I really enjoyed this work it was amazing.

Dylan 4M - I really enjoyed that but I did not finish my poster.

ishmel 4m - It was a fun lesson good posters friends

Jiang 4M - It was fun to do.

Dara 4M - Working in a group was really fun and even though some of us were not able to finish I think that everybody did a really great piece of work and whoever reads this comment I am giving you a round of applause right now so great work everybody!!! :):):)

Bersu4m - This was brilliant.

Katie 4M - All the posters looked amazing. Well done everyone.?

Isaura 4M - I loved it!?I love how we got to design it.

Sadiqa 4m - I really enjoyed that??

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