Year 4 Visit Wahaca in Liverpool Street

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit the famous Wahaca restaurant in Liverpool Street. They learned that maths and literacy are both very important in the workplace. First they used their maths skills to add up a customer's bill. Then they made some delicious guacamole and ate it with chips! Finally, they made mouth-watering pina colada mocktails. 

Anaya said "the food was delicious and I learned maths is important if you want to work in a restaurant" 

Gemma said "It was very cool because we got to experience what it was like to be a chef at he restaurant" 

Fathia said "it was an amazing trip'


Fowziya - Amazing I wish I was still in grade 4 because you have the amazing dun dun dun Dun ..................................Miss Patel which is the best in grade 4. You are so lucky to be in grade 4 with Miss Patel. Have a happy 😊 6months with Miss Patel

anaya - That food was really yummy I'm going to Wahaca again.

Malia - Well done, I love it so much, you looked like you had fun 4P.

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