Year 4 - SEAL- Odd Socks Day

Year 4 had a great SEAL session  today discussing Odd socks day.

We spoke about how we are different in some ways and all similar in other ways. We also spoke about accepting one another for who we are and having a growth mindset. We chose to wear odd socks today to show that it is OK to be different and that we should celebrate that.

"I learnt that accepting people for how they are is important because if you do not, they'll be upset. If you insult someone they might want to change themselves which is not fair and good for them. It is much better to be yourself. - Jannat


Ariella-4C - Amazing also making lots of memories for the past and with Ms Aneesa!!!

larissa 4c - I loved odd socks day because we got to show that we are different

Aysha 5F - Wow! All your odd socks look great

Hassan 4z - Looks good and nice

sienna 4k - It was so fun

Ayman3P - I like being different

Dominik 4z - I love odd socks

Malle 5m - It was really fun

Laniya 3p - Wow year 4's love socks?

Binyamin 4C - I really enjoyed when we took our pictures!

sufyan 5F - All of your odd socks look nice

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