Daubeney on You and Yours - BBC Radio 4

Following our wonderful participation at the national launch event of the BBC's new science initiative - Terrific Scientific and subsequently being featured on BBC Breakfast; Daubeney, is honoured to have been invited by BBC Radio 4 to participate in their You and Yours episode - aired on Thursday 16th February 2017.

Vishwa Samani, from BBC Radio 4, visited Daubeney and spoke to our fabulous children about their favourite science based fiction books and how these books have inspired their science learning. Well done to: Cormac (4P); Violet (5M); Nancy (6S) Lolo (6DM); Vidal (6DM) and Isaac (6DM) for their riveting contributions.

Daubeney would sincerely like to thank BBC Radio 4 for their invitation and inspiration. We encourage everyone to read a science based book and enjoy the thrill of science. Mr Dharma recommend 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Look out for our forthcoming newsletter featuring science book recommendations by our superstars mentioned above.


Ayman - Our school is great

Nathalia - You guys had fun :] well done Daubeney good work!

Aoife-3a - We're so lucky!😉😄😻👍

Anaya 4P - Daubeney is the best!! Because we do our best!!!

george - Well done Daubeney, keep it up and stay the best!

Maelle - Cool 👍🏾

Elijah from sebright - Very good keep it up

Ramatu- 5O - Well done Daubeney because we are the best!

Mr Dharma - Another absolutely fabulous opportunity for Daubeney! Well done to our amazing children. We are very proud of their passion, inspiration and dedication. Go Team Daubeney!

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