Daubeney on BBC Breakfast - Terrific Scientific Launch

Daubeney is very proud to be working with the BBC on this very exciting opportunity to develop scientists of the future with a cutting edge programme such as Terrific Scientific.

We encourage all parents to ensure they watch the programme with their children and enjoy the potential and possibilities that science has to offer.

Daubeney would sincerely like to thank the BBC for their inspiration, and support. We look forward to working together again!


Maelle - That is so cool

Zainab - Miss obied we miss you sooooo much were in year 6 now 6s mr swarbrick please come back a visit

Nasra 4C - Not fair!! I wish I was in year 6. I hope the Dinosaurs are ok .

leah - I think it is brilliant for the school

Maya 5M - I can't believe our school was on LIVE tv! We really are the best school! 👍🏻

Ronya 6S - This was a GREAT experience for BBC to come to our school

Zeneika 5c - Amazing well done!

Xiomara 3k - Wow the year sixes are really great at science!☺☺

Ibrahim - That was AMAZING!

Nathan - That was fantastic

Anaya 4P - Miss Patel is on TV! Yay!

Malachi-old 6D - Wow Daubeney is still great without me!

Penny - I wish 2G could be on TV.

fowzia - Well done Daubeney.

ma-leiha - Well done, very good.

Zoe - Wow that is amazing.

Rohilat- 4P - Well done! It was amazing I bet it was so exiting to see yourselves on TV!!!

Grace - It was a brilliant opportunity for us to be on TV! Everyone was doing great! This is evidence that Daubeney is really the BEST school!😊

Mason - Well done everyone that participated in the Terrific Scientific ( on TV).

Ubah Hussein - Well done Daubeney 👌

Mr Bird - Love it! Mr D, you are a natural in front of the camera 😀

Hoodo - Well done! We surely are the best!

Ramatu- 5O - Good job, we are the best because we do the best! Well done to everyone who took part in it and special thanks to the adults! ; ) : )

Anisa - It was actually really exciting to be on TV which probably thousands of people watch and it was just so exciting. I just loved it!!

Isaac - This was a good opportunity to learn and have fun (on TV)

Luis - Cool.

Crystal - It was a good opportunity to be on TV.

Miss Obeid - Well done Daubeney!

Tina - Amazing stuff 👍🏼

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