Year 6 - Spelling Test and Easter Home Learning

Hi Year 6

Here’s this weeks spelling test but please watch the whole video and see where you can access some different resources over the Easter holiday. There will also be battles on TTRS, activities on busy things and of course all the amazing and fun things we will add to the website over the next two weeks. Stay safe and I am missing you all.

Mr Swarbrick


Bola - Hi Mr.Swarbrick i haven't seen u in along time lol Anyway I've done the spelling and i got 10/10 Yay :DDDD

Jayquan - Hi sir I miss school I had to do something but I’did of my work I was busy with my mum cleaning

Manuela 6S - Hi sir i miss you lots and the class! Im really sad about all this quarantine thing :( but overall everything is fine with me!What about you? Everything ok?Thanks for the homework! Here is my spelling:
Anyways hope to see you soon! Byee!!

Kadir - I miss school so much I hope I see you later daubeny 😒 Thank you for the home learning mr SWARBRICK

Kadir 6S - I just want to say I huge Thank you for this home learning Mr swarbrick hope . I hope I see you you lot before summer 6S πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜ Bye. ( one of the best teacher in the world)

Xiomara 6M - Thank you so much for this and it is nice to see one of the year 6 classes.
I can't wait any longer to come back to my second home😁😁😁

Gloria 6M - Thank You for the home learning Mr.Swarbrick! :)

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