Year 6 - Maths: Arithmetic Questions

Today in maths we did our arithmetic a little bit differently. Instead of working independently, we worked in pairs to work through arithmetic questions. We had to discuss the questions and agree on an answer. When we’d finished we had to compare our answers with another pair and any answers that differed we would have to discuss and again agree on an answer. We then compared our answers as a class and it really helped us to identify which areas were our strengths and which areas we need to work on. We really enjoyed working collaboratively and our arithmetic skills are really improving.


Gloria 6M - Who loves mental arithmetic?

Dara 3p - Wow great work.

Angel 6F - Wow! I love arithmetic :)

3T Jannat - You are amazing at maths

Ms Terry Corpe - This sounds like an amazing way to develop your arithmetic skills. Did you learn any new ways of finding the answer? Keep up the great learning and remember maths is fun!

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