Year 6 - Mapping Day

For mapping day Year 6 were able to put their mapping skills to the test by taking a trip out to the Olympic Park in Stratford. Before that, they had to use a map and a scale to work out what the distance was from Homerton to Stratford. They also had to find certain points on the map once they reached Olympic Park. Year 6 really enjoyed their day out and make sure you watch the video, they want to remind you that at Daubeney we are the... BEST!


Gaia - This looks so much fun👍👍:-) :-)

evellyn 6m - I really liked the trip it was super fun

Amira 6S - I really liked the trip to the Olympic park because we got see amazing buildings like The Slide,The West Ham Stadium,The Timber Lodge and so much more. We also learnt how to use a map and identify the paths,roads,lakes and grass lands. I had so much fun and can't wait for other exciting trips in Year 6.

Maelle 6f - I really enjoyed this trip even though it was a lot of walking!!

lakeyrah 6M - It was fun because we learned lots 6m is the best

Jaziah 2C - I hope you had a good time 6M, 6F and 6S.

Yasaa 2c - I went on an amazing trip with my classmates as well!

Gloria 6M - I really like this trip to Stratford, because I like it when we used our maps to show the destination that were at.😁

Nilema 6s - This trip was AMAZING! We found so many destinations. For example : the Velodrome , Timber lodge , also while walking through Westfield Stratford City we found places like "John Lewis" even the "Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis centre" . This is a new skill that I have learnt, and this would help me for the future and for the past , well if I was born a long time ago when there wasn't any technology. When we came back we went on a bridge over the road and one bridge over the river ( River Lea ) then on to Hackney Wick .

jing 6F - When we were at the Olympic park it was of fun and we had lots of mapping skills

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