Year 6 Leaver's Movie 2022


Nicole - past 60 member- - I just wanted to say to the year 5's going into yr 6, Make the most of your last year at daubeney it goes by so fast once you leave you'll remember and feel like you just joined yr6 yesterday. Just my message is for you to have fun! Bye daubeney!

Duma Junior - Good bye daubeney..

Patrick used to be in 6O - I will miss everyone and all the teachers

Jeaquan used to be in 6k - I will miss daubeney all the fun time we had now I'm in year 7 :( thank to all the teachers. Good bye I will come and visit ❤️

Amira used to be in 6m - I am really going to miss Daubeney Primary school. The best primary school ever ❤. I am going to miss all the teachers and student. I will never forget this school. This is a big step for the year 6. Bye bye Daubeney primary school. I hope you have a nice holiday and Secondary.

charlotte - old 60 - Bye bye Daubeney, I will miss everyone.

Ava Used to be in 6M - Thank you daubeney for the best years of my life I will never forget you because you were a big part of my life. I will miss you so much

Erelene Ogarro - Thank you Daubeney for the best 3 yrs of my grandson life. You went above and beyond for our kids. You will go down in history of the best school.

Vilma - Beautiful 😻 Even me I want to cry!
Beautiful school beautiful stuff amazing teachers very supportive ,we will miss you all. Thanks very Mach for your love 💕 we always will be next to your because we live five minutes away. And my son Brendan always go to the park next to the school. I wish you all the best for all of you!
We still lucky to see Simon on Saturday football. Xxxxxx thanks for loving our children 💕💕💕💕👍

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