Year 6 Graduation - Goodbye Class of 2020

The time has finally come to say goodbye to our Year 6 children though we know it's not goodbye forever because you are welcome to come visit Daubeney whenever you wish. It has been a memorable year, more memorable than most, but we will never forget all of you and how special you were to all of us here at Daubeney. We wish you all the best for the future and you have this graduation video as a permanent reminder of your extra special graduation ceremony and all the amazing times you had whilst you were here. Congratulations, class of 2020, Daubeney Loves You.


Lily a 2020 graduate - I will really miss you all at Daubeney you are like my second family 👪 I wish I didn't have to leave so soon but I did. When I entered the school on the day of our graduation ceremony I was happy to see everyone again but I was sad at the same time because some of the children that were there I have known since nursery so it was hard to think that it might be the last I see them and that was a bit of a struggle but when I saw everything that the school went through to give us a graduation to remember that made me feel warm inside I know that everyone that graduated that day will all reach their goals in life and so will all of you at Daubeney wish everyone including the graduates all the best for the future and you are all special in your own ways try your best and you will succeed.
I will really miss you all at Daubeney you have taught me so much and it is not a goodbye it is a see you later.

fowzia(former student) - I hope all year 6 students reach to the best and keep working hard ,best wishes fowzia

Florence - 3p - Great video! Congratulations year 6! You have come a long way. All the best for the future.❤️

Kaleb - Year 6 was good people now they have to leave they were amazing they had lots of intelligence and smartness I will miss you forever from Kaleb

Laniya - Well done Indya 👍❤️

Mr. Fahy - Wow Year 6. I really have mixed emotions watching this video. Like so many teachers have said, it is difficult to watch you go but I am excited for the next stage in your lives. I particularly liked the contributions of the children who very bravely gave speeches. I can't mention all the parts I loved about these speeches as I would be writing forever so have just chosen a few. Aoife said that when you started primary school you felt like "needles in a haystack". You may also feel like that starting secondary school but remember to be patient and that everyone starting Year 7 is feeling the same way. Jehana also mentioned the extra-curricular activities and I encourage you to take part in them.
We often say that teamwork in important and I think this year group showed perfectly how to work together. I am confident that you will not only succeed but be great in the future. I would wish you luck but I don't think you need it!

Miss Patel - Congratulations year 6! Fly high and reach for the stars. We will always be cheering you on. ⭐

Sarah Miller (Matilda’s Mum) - Congratulations Year 6! You did it and you should all be immensely proud of yourselves!
Thank you Daubeney - and especially Mr Swarbrick - for making this such a positive (if emotional!) end to both an amazing and difficult school year.
Hope you all have an amazing summer and see you in September!

Sufyan 6S - Hello Daubeney Family! I wish you a great eedience throughout the year. Also remember 30 years from now it will not matter what shoes you wore or what your hair looked like what really matters is what you learned and how you used it!

Miss Cenac - Wow!

malia 6F - I will miss everyone in daubeney this has been the best experience for me and everyone but I had the best time in school but it has come to end I will miss everyone.

Faisal @ Apex - Oh my, how emotional?? Like Miss Tracey I was in tears watching that video;

As a recent edition to the Daubeney family & the year 6’s being the first cohort Apex have worked with, they will always hold a special place in our hearts ❤️❤️

I’ve learnt so much from you; so many amazing and familiar faces - we wish you all the best of luck and know that with your determination you are all going to do amazing things in the future xxx

#1luv #1family #1daubeney

Miss Tracey - Hi year 6's I think I cried through most of this assembly 😢😢 some lovely messages and seeing you all grown up and achieved soo much I wish each and everyone of you all the best in your next chapter of your lifes keep doing your best never give up and follow your dreams and always remember your daubeney family we ❤you

Laura old year 6 - I still remember when i left primary i was very happy but sad at the same time 😭😄

Armahn 4M - I'm going to miss year 6

Mr Logan - ‘It was the worst of times, it was the best of times’ (A.Dumas - A Tale of Two Cities) is a quote which describes the Class of 2020’s graduation perfectly for me. I would like to thank all of the teachers and support staff at Daubeney who have contributed to the development of the class of 2020. But an extra special commendation must go to Miss Fergus, Miss Meehan (from near and far) and Mr Swarbrick for sending off our Year 6s in such style!
This is truly a unique cohort that will forever live in the heart of Daubeney Primary in a unique and special way.
This cohort exemplified the spirit of our Daubeney family not only by the resilience they demonstrated in their learning; not only by the laughter (and humour) they shared during the most trying of times but in particular by the love and support they demonstrated to one another over the years and during this historical moment in time.
It is now time to fly the Daubeney nest children.
Fly children fly, and soar above the sky to the stars and let your brightness brighten the world.
Daubeney will forever 💛 you

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