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Year 6 Graduation - Class Of 2019

As always, it was an emotional farewell to our year 6’s on graduation day (17.7.19). There were speeches, there were guests of honour, there were songs, there were special achievements there were tears and there was laughter!

As we all enjoy the summer, we reflect on the good times and wish the class of 2019 all the best for secondary school life and beyond.

At Daubeney we are the best best because we do OUR BEST! Class of 2019 go on to achieve your version of success - we’ll be here for you if you ever need us.


Alaine - I'm going to miss daubeney so much
and good luck in your new year groups
do your best because the best will be
waiting for you

Jayda - Hello I miss you all I am now I year seven and I am having a great time like I was having in Daubeney love lots jayda xx❤️🔐

Xiomara 6M - Well done year 6 we all know that you worked really hard and you thoroughly deserve it. It is amazing to think that I will go to secondary soon as well I hope to see some of you there. Good Luck. We will miss you.

Fathia 6S - This is one of the hardest moment to bare. The thought of leaving the people I knew all my life hurt more than anything. My tears seeped through my eyelids but I knew we eventually have to move on no matter what happens. I love Daubeney and this memory will never be forgotten from the bottom of our hearts. If I become rich, famous or important credit will be given to Daubeney for making me who I am today

talaria 6m - I just came back from Belgium checked the website . I will miss Daubeney I won't forget my friends any time soon

Alaine - I am going to miss Daubeney

Sharon (Massimo’s mum) - So incredibly proud of Massimo and all the year 6 students. It’s been a pleasure to see them all grow into such confident young people. We wish you all the best in your new schools and in all the years to come! X

Layah - I’m gonna miss ever person in Daubeney Primary school and I wish everyone the best

Nicole 3p - Great time in Daubeney Yr 6 I hope you have a great time in you new schools :)

Maryam 2c - Well done for all your hard works I so proud of you. 👌👏👍✌️

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