The Blossom Federation

Year 6 Graduation 2021

Grab some popcorn, get comfy (perhaps grab some tissues, it might get emotional). This is our Year 6 graduation.

Congratulations to our class of 2021!


Old 6m student - It's nice to see that you've finally made it to secondary school and I really hope that you do well there, I wish you the best of luck:)

Jenelle B - I'm going to miss everyone so much.

Ariella - I really enjoyed year 6! It will be a shame to leave Daubeney, this year has gone so fast :(
I wish good luck to the future year 6 and hope they have fun as well! :D

Emily (Xanthe's mum) - Thanks so much for putting this together! Lovely memories. Congratulations to all year 6 and good luck in your new schools!

Mei - This year was fun!!! ;)

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