Year 6 - 6S Mental Health Week

As this week is Mental Health Week, 6S have been focusing on ways we can look after our mental health and well-being. We have had some insightful conversations surrounding what mental health is and we designed posters to help educate people on how they can take care of their own mental health. Whilst we were designing our posters we sat with our friends, listened to a smooth jazz playlist (which wouldn’t be out of place in a relaxing cafe) and made sure to laugh and smile.


Ava-4c - HAYDEN your one is really nice.

yanic - love your work

Binyamin 4C - You guys must be artists because it's creative well done 6s!

FARZANA 3T - These are brilliant art work,You done better than me.

Elias-3t - I love these posters 6s well done excellent. I wish I was in 6s and doing this

ricardo - Good effort on work. Miss you guys

yanic - Beautiful posters. Keep up the good work year 6 the posters are very beautiful and colourful

Tariq 5M - I wish I was in year 6

izabel 3t - I love your posters 6s

Anaya - It was fun making these posters

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