Year 6 - 6S Mental Health Day 2019

In 6S we have been learning about how to take care of our mental health and the mental health of others. We learnt about how words, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, are capable of inflicting pain and remedying it. It was difficult to think about the words that have hurt us, but when we thought about all the words that make us feel good the classroom suddenly came to life. We hope you enjoy the video and we challenge yourself to say one kind thing to everyone you meet.


Aysha-6S - I was so embarrassed looking back at this video and my facial expressions! 🤣🤣
But i miss my friends!! Stay safe ppl

Nilema 6s - I miss school , my friends and my teachers ;-; this video makes me cry

Jayquan 6s - I miss school it was fun I will visit the school when I am older

iqra - It was so good

Jannat-5MC - OMG MR SWARBRICK this video is AMAZING and it is really inspiring; WELL DONE 6S : )

ESHA-5B - This video looks fun

Amir 6S - I loved watching and making this video! This video shows that negative words don't matter, it's the positive words that matter!

Kadir 6S - I really like this video I watched this about 60 times keep the good work class🙃

Manuela 6S - I'm in love with this video it's amazing I cant stop watching it

Sarah 6f- - I loved this video, it boosts everyone confidence up well done 6S keep up the good work

Nicole 4DM - This video made me feel unique and caring, this was a great video.

Nilema 6s - I REALLY love this video! :)

Miss tracey nursery - That was amazing it brought tears to my eyes well done to all the year six

Annabel Elston - Brillant!

Matilda 6S - I Just watched it for the 20th time and it still makes me happy!!!

Lenka Kadar - This is great. Well done to all children and teachers.

Linda 6s - I love this video it always makes me smile

hind 6s - I loved making people happy with kind words when I was watching this video I was going to cry I love how we made this video

Aysha 6S - I enjoyed making this video

Mrs Krueziu - I am so proud of all you 6S. I must admit I was moved by the video, You’ve grown into young confident, inspiring individuals. Well done for the positive messages and a big well done to you Mr Swarbrick!

Mr Dharma - Amazing video - keep up the fantastic work Mr Swarbrick and 6S!

Minette 6S - This is the best video for me that I have ever seen

Ece 6s - OMG I love it, I cried when I was watching it, and whenever I feel sad I will watch it, it makes me happy

Lexi 4K - 😮 6S! Mr. SWARBRICK, YOU guys are AMAZING, sensational! Nobody should be called any names! You are definitely right, words can be hurtful 🤧 but some words can be nice! 🙂 Hope you had a lot of fun!

Sarah Miller - That is brilliant and very moving. Well done all of 6S and Mr Swarbrick!

Mr. Fahy - Well done 6S. I loved it 😊

Miss Phillips - Stop trying to make us all cry Mr Swarbrick! Such a wonderful video 6S 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Miss Nadia - This is simply... Amazing
6s and Mr Swarbrick you are all amazing.

Laniya 4DM - Friends make you you strong 💪 they also encourage you 💯👏👍

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