Year 6 - 6M IntoUniversity Week 2020

6M spent a week at IntoUniversity learning all about inclusion and diversity. The week included learning about a range of subjects.

On Monday and Tuesday, we looked at inspirational people throughout history such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai. Also, we had an exciting workshop about wonderful women in history. We went to Leighton House Museum on Wednesday where we explored a beautiful collection of art from all over the world.

The children and teachers were very inspired by what they discovered at the Leighton House Museum. On Thursday, we thought about our aspirations for the future and researched different universities and the courses we would like to study. On top of this, we prepared our presentations for our graduation. On Friday we celebrated our week and graduated at King’s College London. It was a wonderful week that we will always remember.


lakeyrah 6m - I love it soo much because it was funny thank you so much for the trip and we loved our graduation.

Umitcan4m - I hope you like graduating

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