Year 5 - The BIG Draw

Today (13th March 2019) the Year 5 pupils were excited to start and complete their Big Draw project. We looked at an artist, Andy Warhol, and studied his printing designs. The children chose the theme of food and fruits to use as their stimulus and along with their creative skills painted some interesting pieces of art work.

In the very near future, their completed work will be displayed in our hall for all parents to see.


Aysha - I really enjoyed doing the Big Draw and I really liked how mine turned out

Miss Phillips - Year 5! An amazing bunch of artists! Creative, lovely, thoughtful learning. Well done! 😁

Brian 5MC - This was very fun because I made lots of them and they all looked so cool!

Samuel 5F - I enjoyed this because it was fun seeing the prints of my picture

Zakariya 4K - I really like the designs. It looks like a fun session, I would like to do this - Well done year 5 good paintings!!!

Aoife 5M - I really enjoyed the big draw

Maelle 5m - I really enjoyed doing this work for the big draw. It was a bit hard to print it but I did it at the end

Rhyleigh 5mc - It was so fun💖

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