Year 5 - Self and Peer Assessment

Today (1st February 2019) the Year 5 used their learning in our Balanced Argument unit and assessed their work. They first started with self-assessment, where they identified their strengths and what they did well in the unit. Each pupil then paired up with a friend to peer-assess their learning. Each peer critically analysed their writing and gave their friend feedback and next steps as future targets.


MIRIAM 5M - It was fun

Taylor-5M - Everyone did a good job

Gloria 5MC - I think that everyone did very good teamwork, it was fun doing Self Assessment and Peer Assessment with my partner Nile.

Yasemin 5mc - I really liked this lesson! The pages were colourful after I finished colouring in.We should do this again!

Nilema 5F - I really enjoyed doing self and peer assessment because I could write all the things I included like brackets and statistics the best things about my cold task and what I could improve on like more colons and dashes to make my writing even more better and the best part was when I could see my partners cold task which can give me more ideas for next time and I also got to hear about what the other year 5`s wrote in their self and peer assessment and they were all amazing to be honest!

Sufyan 5F - Today is a successful lesson because we got to know what our feedback from my peer and what was good about my work and i got more things to improve to and i know what i did well

Angel 5M - A great way to start the month

Mr Matvad - I am very proud of the Peer assessment the children wrote - they used their year 5 objectives and fundamentals to help them and created their own next steps.

Miss McDonald - This lesson we had so much fun editing our work!

Kadir - It was very good I really enjoyed it

Bryana 5F - Wow this was tricky but I guess it was worth it maybe I think this is tricky but others might think it's easy Peasy

Samuel 5F - It was really fun to explain our self assessment skill on the balanced argument session

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