Year 5 SEAL - Hopes and Dreams

The Year 5 children started their team with an interesting topic in SEAL - Hopes and Dreams. They discussed and shared their hopes and dreams for the future and identified what steps they would need to take in order to reach their goals, dreams and hopes in life. The children, with a mature frame of mind, discussed what makes us happy and how happiness can be achieved.


Isabella 5M - My dream or hope is to be a famous youtuber I hope it come true as well a everyone else's

maelle 5m - I really enjoyed doing it there are so many things i want to do when i am older

Laniya 3p - OMG year five I was speechless with your dreams. Really do hope your dreams come true plus it almost brought a tear to my eye 😂😂😂

Hussein 3P - Well done Year 5

Dorina 5m - My dream is that when I want grow up I want to be a vet or a artist and to be confident

Tariq5m - My dream is to one day be a gamer

Jake 5m - My dream is to be a youtuber so I can be rich and live in a mansion.

davontae5m - My dream is to be a youtuber or be a racer because I am good at sports

Miriam5M - My hopes and dream is to be come an actress and a model. Also I will like to live in a mansion.

berat5m - My dream is to be a footballer because is the only sport that i like and is pretty much my life

Halima 5M - My dream is to be confident,brave,have hope,be myself and conquer my fears

gabriel 5M - My dream one day is to become an artist or be a youtuber and if those dont work ill be a runner

Jing 5m - My dream is to be a vet because I like animals

Ismail - My dream is to be a gamer or a millionaire

Anesi 5m - MY and dreams is to become a actor or dancer and have two puppies

Lekeisha and Gabriel - The seal was a really nice thing to do/ I hope you had good fun in your lesson.

3p _charlotte - Hope your dreams and hopes come true year 5

Zakariya Matvad - 4K - My hopes in the future is to have neat handwriting, acquire a pen license and becoming confident in spelling.

malia 5M - My Dream is when i am older i want to be a Fashion designer and my Goals is to be confident and believe in my self

Tanzela 5m - My dream is to be confident,brave,dream big,have hope,be myself and conquer my fears.

Sarah 5m - My dream is to be myself because no one can change my personality or change how I look. Its my choice and I really enjoyed the activity. It was super duper fun! Thank you Mr Matvad

elijah5m - My dream is to be a pro basketball player

Aoife 5M - My hope and dream is to one day run my own pet shelter with my friend Isabella .

Taylor 5m - My dream is to one day be an actress or a model. Also I would like to live in a mansion