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Year 5 - Science: Heliocentric Models

Year 5 are beginning to learn about the Earth and Space!

Today we were learning about the different theories scientists had about space and what was at the centre of it.

We learned that a long time ago, people thought that the planets orbited Earth. But now we know that the planets orbit the sun!

We created our own heliocentric models below showing the planets (in order) orbiting the sun.

"It was a fun lesson because I learned more about the solar system and I then got to draw it." - Don

"This lesson was very fun and creative because we created the heliocentric model." - Rafiul

"I thought today's lesson was fun because a lot of people in my class like doing art and we were able to create the heliocentric model." - Jaskiran

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Elisha 5c - That looked really fun. Wish I was there.

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