Year 5 - Roman Numerals

5M, 5Mc and 5F joined together today (9-01-2019) and had a session with Mr Fahy who helped us understand how to identify Roman Numeral numbers and how to work out the amounts. The children in year 5 have been encouraged to use IXL this week to practice Roman Numerals.


Nasra 5MC - Wow nice

Zakariya Matvad - 4K - Mr Dharma the Roman Numeral MMXIX is:
M= 1000 M = 1000 X=10 I= 1 X=10 so we have 2000+ 10+ 9 which equals:
2019 which represents this year!

Taylor-5M - This really helped me

Mr Dharma - Great stuff Year 5! Please can you help me out with these Roman numerals - what do they mean?

Miriam - It was really fun learing about Roman numerals 😊

Ece5F - I really enjoyed learning about Roman numbers

Mr Matvad - It was fun learning together!