Year 5 - Poets

The Year 5 children had an amazing week of poetry. They developed their skills in writing different types of poetry and ended the week with an amazing poems called, My Gift To You... which they presented to their families. I hope all the mums, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents enjoyed the poems the children wrote. Even Miss Calliste and Miss Cherid enjoyed their poems which were written by the children for them.


Aziza - I miss miss Calliste

Maya 5M (not for long!) - I had so much fun and my grandma loved her poem.

Delano 5c - Well done year 5

Amara - I enjoyed writing the poems It was fun

Greta 5c - I made one for my sisters she loved it . It was so much fun decorating them ; )

Ramatu 50 - It was fun making our own poetry

Amy - I just read my poems written by Anaiya and Amara.
Great work! Well done!

???? - Well done

Anaiya 5m - They all look very nice and good drawing. Well done!