Year 5 - Our Planets

The Year 5 children published their non-chronological reports about their planets and used their planets that they designed to create a wonderful display in class. Their learning saw how they used their Literacy skills and Science skills, combining them to create a wonderful display.


Jessey - Did you know that:
Neptune is the Roman name for Poseidon,
Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus
and Pluto is the Roman name for Hades

Maëlle 4p - Really cool. I never new so much about planets

Maelle 4P - It looks really fun!

Halima 4P - It's great to learn about the Solar system.

Aurela 4P - That's so cool!

Zakaria 4P - It looks really fun. I wish I could do this!

muhsin bongo - This was so fun. I wish we can do this every day that is how much I Iike it

Zara-5M - It was really fun publishing our non-chronological reports.

Mr Matvad - The displays were amazing!

Miracle 5M - That was very fun publishing.

Umar-5m - It was so fun when I did it with Jack.

sherlomi 5m - Learning about earth and space was so much fun.

Rohan 5M - It was really fun

Blessing 5M - I was not able to do this activity but I know it would be alot of fun :)

Sherlomi 5M - I love learning about earth and space

Miss Patel - Wow! I am really impressed year 5, keep up the great work.

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