Year 5 - Junior Scientist

Today (5h February 2019) the Year 5 children used their moon phase home learning to help them create a scientific poster. Their posters included the different phases of the moon and many relevant facts about the moon. This helped the Year 5 children understand the importance of sharing and publishing scientific findings.


MIRIAM 5M - I love learning about space

Taylor-5M - I really love learning about space👍👍👍

Ece5F - I realy like doing the posters and at the end it looks amazing 😉

Jake 5m - I enjoyed the lesson I learnt how to make a science poster.

Jehana 5f - This was a really fun lesson because we described the moon and how it changed everyday and we also made a poster

Adeoye 5MC - this as really fun i really liked writing on the posts and decorating it thanks for all the year 5 teaches for this brilliant lesson and I am sure everyone else loved it too. I also liked reading the fact sheet because some of the facts I did not know.

Mr Swarbrick - Wow! It looks like there's some incredible science going on in Year 5! Can anyone tell me what phase the moon is in right now?

Sufyan 5F - I enjoyed this lesson because it was a scientific lesson about the 🌓🤩 moon the best part was that in my opinion is the interesting facts we wrote down on our sheet of paper my favourite fact was that on the month of my birthday the moons that are most likely to show are the rose 🌹 moon 🌓 the flower 💐 moon 🌓 and last but not least the strawberry 🍓 moon 🌓 thank Mr Fahy and all of the year 5 teachers 👨‍🏫 I enjoyed this lesson it was very successful and it was a really amazing lesson

Aoife 5M - This was really fun

Yasemin 5mc - I really liked doing the posters! At the end they were all looking amazing!:)

dorina5m - It was really fun working with our partners

Tessa 5MC - This was so fun 😁😁

Samuel 5F - I really enjoyed this lesson because I learnt how to make a science poster

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