Year 5 - Fractions

Today (5th February 2019) the children in Year 5 added and subtracted fractions with unlike denominators. First, they had to identify the lowest common denominator, change the fractions to have like denominators then add the numerators. It was amazing to see the children understand the concept and worked in pairs to solve the calculations.


Aysha 5F - I really liked this lesson because I learned lots more about fractions and I learned how to change mixed fractions to Improper fractions

Linda 5F - I like fractions so much because I understand it very well and I'm able to turn a mix fraction into an improper fraction

Ece5F - I like doing fractions because at first I was like fraction is the easy maths lesson but then it becomes hard and when your in year 5 you do lots of fun learning But is quite hard but then when you lean it is easy e.g fraction, Roman numerals and so on....
As everyone said i really enjoyed the fraction lesson.

Jake 5m - The lesson was so easy I learnt how to how to do mix fractions and adding and subtracting fractions.

Aoife 5M - I found this lesson really easy

Nilema 5F - I really enjoyed this lesson because I know how to change mixed fractions to improper fractions and the opposite

Samuel 5F - I enjoyed this lesson because now I really like fractions from what I learnt from the lesson

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