Year 5 - Eco Active Workshop

Year 5M were involved today (27th September 2018) in learning all about recycling and sustainability. The Eo Active team came into class to help the children learn about the importance of recycling and how we can recycle our food. Food waste is a major issue around Hackney and the children identified ways of helping our environment.


Jing 5M - It was fun

Jake 5m - It was really fun doing the workshop

ismail 5m - I hope we can do another workshop with Eco Active

ismail 5m - It was so much fun

Anesi 5m - The workshop was so much fun don't forget reycle?? # ♻️♻️♻️

Halima 5M - i enjoyed making the posters because it was a great way to understand why we should use the blue bin and how perfectly good foods are being thrown in the dump

Sarah 5m - The workshop is sooooo FUN we learnt about nature and taught us about wasting food THANK U ECO ACTIVE

Joshua 5M - That looks so cool!

Anesi 5m - The work shop was so FUN I LOVED IT?? # SAVE THE ??

Miriam - I loved making the eco fridge magnets

Angel 5M - WOW, eco active taught me so much fun facts about food waste and recycling .

Maelle 5m - I really liked the games and making our own magnets ????

Taylor-5M - The workshop was SO FUN I absolutely loved ❤??????when we made the magnets! #MORE GREEN

Aoife 5m - It was really fun learning about food waste

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