Year 5 - Conscious Alley Role Play

The children in Year 5 had a wonderful session during our immersion lesson in literacy. They watched the story of Pandora's Box' then used various types of drama activities to explore the characters and the themes. The children used conscious alley to help them with the dilemma -top open or not to open the box?


MIRIAM 5M - This lesson was fun and i love doing hot seat thank you to the best teacher Mr Matvad

Jake 5m - The lesson was really fun I enjoyed it I liked doing the hot seat.

Malia 5M - I love this lesson and the hot seat it was very fun😍😇😇😇😇😇😇

Aoife 5M - I love role play! Conscious alley and the hot seat were so fun

Nilema 5F - I really enjoyed this lesson because I could ask the person questions and try to convince and persuade the person to do that or to not do that

Samuel 5F - I enjoyed this lesson because I had fun doing the hot seat with other people

Angel 5M - I love the hot seat and the role play 😀😀😇😇😇😀😀😀

Maelle 5m - I really enjoyed doing the ally way

Ismail 5m - This lesson was fun and part I really enjoyed was when we did the hot seat.

Joshua 5M - This lesson was so fun that I cannot put it into words.

Anesi 5M - I liked this lesson because you are able to give your honest opinions. I also looking forward to the future since we are doing a little bit of role play.

Yasemin 5mc - It was fun role playing and we got to see others role play too! The conscious alley was fun as well! We got to hear our class ask questions to Pandora and Zeus when we was doing the hot seat.

Adeoye 5MC - I really enjoyed doing this!

Jing 5M - This activity was very fun also it is very interesting.

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